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Rwookrrorro is a Republic faction Guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  We are a close-knit community of mature gamers who strive to have fun above all else.  While PvP is a main passion of the Grey Wardens, our members also enjoy other activities within the game such as, but not limited to, running flashpoints and operations, crafting, and some have even been known to roleplay on more than one occasion. Our members come from diverse backgrounds that span multiple time zones and countries (the United States and Europe). Some are veteran gamers, while for others SWTOR may be their first MMO.

Our guild does not mass recruit.  If you are interested in joining Rwookrrorro, the best course of action is to read our Guild Charter then meet us in game and play with us. This can easily be arranged by introducing yourself to us by using the public forum on this site.  If things go well, we may offer you a trial period as a Recruit in our guild.
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The Official Rwookrrorro Guild Charter

BorrowedTune, Jul 30, 12 7:22 PM.
Our new guild charter has been finalized and ratified by the founding members. It is now in effect.  You can read it here.

Zorn and Toth HM Denova down

Aegeta, Jul 8, 12 6:22 AM.
We have made our first real steps into Denova HM July the 7th when we downed Zorn and Toth with the help of seven Grey Wardens and one Grimsblood's Guild member. We took a screenshot as w always do and got a fraps of the fight. Hopefully we'll have this guys on farm mode starting next week. We just struggled a little with the DPS, but in the end we killed Zorn and Toth with only losing two party members!

Congrats to the New Advisory Council

BorrowedTune, Jul 1, 12 9:47 AM.
And thank you for serving the Guild.
  • Academy Master - Quick Ben (Adaephon, Coil, etc)
  • Supreme Commander - Aegeta
  • Military Executor - Guapos (Guapo, Caballero, Israphel, etc)
  • Guild Treasurer - Cutty Slade (Cønnør, Chiaro, Fudge, etc)
  • Guildmaster - BorrowedTune (Aestrid, Hayleigh, etc)

Server Transfer

BorrowedTune, Jun 14, 12 5:09 PM.
The Grey Wardens have officially moved to Prophecy of Five.

The Grey Wardens Website Banner Contest

BorrowedTune, May 30, 12 12:26 PM.
Untold riches could be your's for the taking.  Head on over to this thread in our members only forum for details.
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Prophecy of the Five
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